Saturday, 10 January 2009

Well Ive never really bought games magazines due to the thought of people thinking what a girl games?!!! silly i know but true >_<......If i saw that one of my friends had one though i would be quick to ask if i could have a peek and would quickly immerse myself into the wonders of what it had to offer.
Personally, i look at the things that interest me the most but will give everything a chance.......I love to read reviews on my favorite game....but when there not good or lower than i expect, i find myself thinking meh they haven't played it well enough......but yes i know >_<, its me being bias because i like it. I have to learn that not every game i like is going to be liked by everyone else. Im getting there though.....slowly.
Game reviewers....and reviewers in general have a pretty hard task i think to not say the wrong things......I would like to think they write with an open mind and mention good and bad points about the game (if there are any), as well as give there own opinion about them without going extreme ^_^
As to who pays there wages....i would assume that the magasine company that they write for pays them with the profits from the magasine us, the readers pay for there imployment.......thus if the reviews that they write are bias in one way or another.....the readers will stop wanting to buy the magasine and so the loss of the reviewer......
For me, i do look at the ratings of games.... But its not that big of a deal for me. If theres a game that catches my eye......but its scores not great, i will still look at it.....
What gets me is the look of the game.......the graphics.....thats a big one for me.....I have put many PSP games down because of the look of the graphics >_<......Ive most defiantly over looked a great game because of that......and its something i want to get out of! I think people do rely on game scoring, maybe allot but the people Ive asked don't seem to be that fussed either about it.

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