Sunday, 5 April 2009

Indubitably Is A Word!!!

Yus its true!!!!.......People think I'm weird when I say Indubitably to them......But Alas!!!! I have found proof that its not one of my many random/made up words....Check it out if you still think I'm crazy . So Haaaaaah...My new favorite word thanks to my dear friend Rick

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Well Ive never really bought games magazines due to the thought of people thinking what a girl games?!!! silly i know but true >_<......If i saw that one of my friends had one though i would be quick to ask if i could have a peek and would quickly immerse myself into the wonders of what it had to offer.
Personally, i look at the things that interest me the most but will give everything a chance.......I love to read reviews on my favorite game....but when there not good or lower than i expect, i find myself thinking meh they haven't played it well enough......but yes i know >_<, its me being bias because i like it. I have to learn that not every game i like is going to be liked by everyone else. Im getting there though.....slowly.
Game reviewers....and reviewers in general have a pretty hard task i think to not say the wrong things......I would like to think they write with an open mind and mention good and bad points about the game (if there are any), as well as give there own opinion about them without going extreme ^_^
As to who pays there wages....i would assume that the magasine company that they write for pays them with the profits from the magasine us, the readers pay for there imployment.......thus if the reviews that they write are bias in one way or another.....the readers will stop wanting to buy the magasine and so the loss of the reviewer......
For me, i do look at the ratings of games.... But its not that big of a deal for me. If theres a game that catches my eye......but its scores not great, i will still look at it.....
What gets me is the look of the game.......the graphics.....thats a big one for me.....I have put many PSP games down because of the look of the graphics >_<......Ive most defiantly over looked a great game because of that......and its something i want to get out of! I think people do rely on game scoring, maybe allot but the people Ive asked don't seem to be that fussed either about it.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Last Part Honest

Part Three - 2000 - the future

Next generation consoles........the PS3 and Xbox 360 are the main ones that i can think of for the conventional home console systems...Then there's the handhelds...the Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP.

But there's also the Nintendo Wii which is a different type of gaming console and so console combat came haha with company's trying to be the best and also the owners of the different consoles trying to express there opinions to each other. Personally i have no problems with either of them.....heh.....i would own them all if i could.

The Nintendo Wii has been a big hit as its opened up the gaming experience/world to a whole new went from being sitting on your own and playing, to multi player (Two player games) experience, then online (and kick butt with someone you've never met) then getting up and having to move around instead of just working your muscles in your thumbs........

It has also lowered the parents worry over gaming as it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Gaming History Part 3

My game collection at this point included sandbox style, action adventure and street/drift racing. I then was bought a Gameboy advance and had my Pokemon craze on it haha.

I also came across The Sims...Great game, and The Sims 2 even greater! I have to admit, am the owner of a large collection of Sims 2 expansion packs to my computers disgust lets me know every now and then that it doesn't agree with being over run with Sims gaming....oh well ^_^

I also some how managed to convince my mum at aged 15 to ignore the 18 certificate and buy me Grand Theft Auto Vice City and San Andreas......then she witnessed the pure brilliance of the game and vowed never to take my word for anything again haha ^_^

I was then lucky enough to go on holiday to America just as the PSP came out added to my love of PlayStation with the PlayStation Portable a couple of months before it released in the UK.

My first game for that was Midnight Club 3 DUB edition......another driving game i know......but very enjoyable ^_^After that i purchased games here and there......tried The Sims on PS2 and wish i hadn't, then thought i would give The Sims 2 Pets on PSP a go.......and no, I'm sticking to The Sims series on PC only!

THEN............ the PS3 was released...........I wasn't to fussed until GTA IV came yes i am a proud owner of a PS3 and am loving it!

Ive only just bought other games for it one of which is surprise surprise another racing game......Midnight Club Los Angeles because i enjoyed it so much on PSP........

*Phew* there......a lil insight to my gaming history haha hope u enjoyed ^_^