Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Part Two – 1980s – 1990s

In 1980, the first games ever to be registered were Atari’s ‘Lunar Lander’ and there big hit ‘Asteroids’ which gave them full control. But it wasn't all great for video games, as in 1983 the video game industry collapsed and was named understandably ‘video game crash of 1984’.

This was due to a number of reasons but the main being company's piling in money to produce new games but with not enough costumers buying them. Which in turn led to a number of company's that produced home computers and video game consoles to go bankrupt. This halted what was going to be the second generation of video games.

One thing i read that really shocked me was that Atari had made so many Pac-Man cartridges than there were systems made, resulting in there other game ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’ having many unsold cartridges......so.....Atari’s answer to that was to dump thousands of them in land fill! DAM!

But thankfully gaming picked up again a few years later due to the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and it being bundled with ‘Super Mario Bros’ which was an instant success.

It was released in 1985 and became wide spread in 1987, dominating North America and Japan until the next generation consoles were brought out in the 1990s. Cant believe i have never played on one....RIGHT tiz one of my goals to do so now!

By this time, consoles and even handhelds were beginning to overtake arcades. The game pad took over from joysticks/paddles, and games were getting better.

The games we know of today, Legend of Zelda came out in 1986 and with the Japanese company ‘Square’ trying for one last go to make a game.....Final Fantasy in 1987, became the most successful RPG game.

Games were moving on up in a number of different ways and from cartridges were moving to Cd's due to the impracticality of having them on floppy disks.

Sony brought out the PlayStation in 1994 (JPN) and 1995 (EU) as a fifth generation console. On release there were a number of good game titles in different genres that went on to be sequels.

Game History Part 2

Again......took over my uncle's PlayStation console...... and tried flexing my thumbs against them......i held my own pretty well for saying i was against two 20+ year young uncles. Seen as it was my uncles console there was a healthy stack of games for me to play.....Die Hard Trilogy, Mortal Combat etc.....

I think that's where my love for PlayStation started......I remember getting my PS2......again from my mum! haha and then going back to the PS1......I swear i was finding it hard to distinguish the car from the road whilst racing on Grand Turismo. The graphics took quite a jump.

Oh talking of when i first got my PS2, that's also when i found my second love.......Grand Theft Auto......yep my mum bought me at aged 12/13....GTA III......she had no idea what the game was about hehe.

If you know me well, i would be shocked if you didn't know that the GTA series is my all time favorite game......but that's for another blog, for now i must carry on with this one ^_^

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